Your Maps Under Your Control

Create your own desktop and mobile-friendly interactive maps with data stored at your own place.



ownMaps is an open-source PHP library for building desktop and mobile-friendly interactive maps easy and simple. With ownMaps you can collect your maps data in textfiles, spreadsheets, databases or as you wish, stored at your own place.
Just copy a simple text file to your website and ownMaps will automatically create a map with all information you want to display.

You can try a working Demo generated by the included index page and have a look at some Examples.

Easy to Use

You can copy the whole library into your webspace and use the included index page to start right now without programming anything. Or include the library in your existing website and create your maps at any position of your page.
With ownMaps standard library you can store your data in text files. But SQL databases are possible too.

For a ready to use quick installation please refer to Quickstart. For an installation included in your own website please refer to Documentation.


Google Maps and Leaflet using OSM tiles are included in the standard ownMaps library. Mapbox, Bing, MapQuest and other map engines are possible too, but you have to create your own account to use them.
There are many elements which you can show on your map. Starting with simple markers, text boxes and links to information ... GeoJSON and KML data ... photos ... and many more.

For an overview of available and coming features please refer to Features.

There will be a lot more features coming soon including ownMaps Photo Library.

Please come back and visit the Blog if you are interested in creating your own maps and feel free to contact me.